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Enhance the Air Quality In Your Home

In the past decade, we have all become aware of the ties between our health and the air we breathe. Walking in nature, hiking, or staying in the forest are just some of the ways we try to minimize the effects of air pollution. Many know that there are harmful particles in the air more often in winter, but we should remember that this fact is relevant throughout the year. We should be taking more steps to take care of this matter so that we don't end up in a situation where it affects our health.

In the following article, you’ll learn about some tips on how to influence and improve the quality of the air you breathe every day.

What Is the Air Quality Indoors?

Many people's first reaction, when it comes to air pollution, is to stay in their homes for a long time, closing the windows, and waiting for the wind to clear everything. However, the real question is what is the quality of the air in the home? Unfortunately, the air in your cozy home can also be full of harmful substances. Indoor air can contain all outdoor pollutants and also indoor fumes. House dust may contain particles of lead and formaldehyde, while the hygiene products you use may contain harmful chemicals that are also bad for your health. Some of them also come from the outside through the objects that you bring into your home. Dust, dirt, moisture, mold, evaporation from drying laundry or cooking, various toxins from paints, glue for furniture, carpets, pollen, pet hair, dust mites, dirt from various heating elements, especially the ones that use solid fuel, viruses and bacteria, to name a few. These are all serious pollutants that may harm us if they are in a larger concentration in the air. The good side of all this is that you can influence this matter and improve the air quality in your home.

An important fact that can put your mind at ease is that there are certain steps you can take to improve the air quality in your home. Here are some suggestions:

Clean or Change the Filter on the Air Conditioner and Similar Appliances?

The air conditioner serves to maintain the ideal temperature in your home during certain periods of the year, and in some cases throughout the whole year. While the air circulates through air conditioners, some air pollutants remain in the filters. If you ignore it, the air conditioner can become a serious ground for harmful particles in your home, and that's why it's necessary to regularly replace the filters or at least clean them often. You can either do it yourself or call a professional to do it for you. In any case, if you don't maintain it for a long time, your air conditioner won’t last as long, and the air in your home will be even more polluted. For clean air without harmful particles, you also need to clean other filters in your home. Start with the one in your vacuum cleaner - this is very important because when vacuuming, a lot of dirt and micro-particles are kept in the actual filter. Do not neglect the filter on the ventilation hood and your dryer if you own one.

Get Indoor Plants for Cleaner Air

You can also improve the quality of the air in your home if you bring in some plants that purify the air. They are known to be natural air purifiers. A few specially selected indoor plants can create a small miracle in your home. They will improve the air in the space, and at the same time, your home will look much nicer and more pleasant. When choosing plants, ask carefully which ones have a filtering effect as not all of them act the same way. Here are the ones we can suggest to you:

Golden Pothos Plant – Helps remove organic compound fumes from synthetic paints and carpets while also being easy to grow.

Areca Palm - It is known as one of the best in purifying the air in rooms.

Sansevieria - A plant that absorbs carbon dioxide during the night and helps remove formaldehyde.

Dracaena - Excellent for reducing toxic fumes of organic compounds, such as acid and gasoline.

If you decide on this solution, remember that these plants have the desired effect only if they are completely healthy. That's why they should be maintained regularly and they will provide everything you expect from them. You will have a nice corner in your home and at the same time purified air. It's also important to know that plants should not be kept in the bedroom because they clean the air only during the day, and at night they breathe just like we do.

Regularly Clean and Ventilate Your Home

It's a fact that curtains, carpets, cushions, or rugs make your home warmer and more comfortable. Additionally, they can all be some kind of air filter as they keep numerous particles and dust in their fibers. That's why it's necessary to maintain them regularly so that polluting particles won't be kept within and spread around the air indoors. Regular cleaning, vacuuming, and maintenance of carpets and similar fabrics is extremely important for a healthy living space, in order to keep yourself away from harmful particles and other pollutants such as dust and mites. Keep in mind that more chemicals does not mean a cleaner home or better air quality. This will ensure regular maintenance of all fabrics in the house.

Air Purifiers are the Most Effective Solution for Your Home

If you live in a larger city, there is a high possibility that you will often do more harm than good from ventilating the rooms by opening the windows. You may not be able to change anything when it comes to the outside air, but you can certainly influence your home to be a healthier environment.

It’s important to put a lot of effort into maintaining your space, and the results will be a small step towards cleaner air. However, there is a solution for that as well - air purifiers. They will make your fight with polluted micro particles easier, and make your home a pleasant place. Today, you can find air purifiers from various brands with a lot of various functions on the market. Before you decide on a specific air purifier, you should know more specifically what you want from this appliance - whether it's the protection against allergens, elimination of mold, protection from dust particles, elimination of smoke and vapors, or pet hair and odors.

Additional Tips for Better Air Quality in Your Home

In order to ensure clean and fresh air in your home, you need to pay attention to a few more things - avoid smoking, strong hygiene products, and strong perfumes. Avoid excessive heating, because in overheated rooms the air becomes dry, which can negatively affect the respiratory tract. The greatest effect of improving the air quality in your living space is actually a combination of all the tips above, and it's the most effective to combine it all with air purifiers. A large selection of great air purifiers can be found here at, where we will help you find exactly what you need for your home.