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Energy and Money Savings With a Clean Dryer Lint Filter

Energy and Money Savings With a Clean Dryer Lint Filter
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As dryers are a regularly used appliance they, of course, seek maintenance to perform better, but as with every other appliance, there’s always one major hint that will do the best job. In case of dryers, lint filter is a small component very easy to be found and can help save some time and money. It’s not difficult to clean the lint filter but making sure to do this regularly will ensure your dryer’s top efficiency.

How to Spot If the Lint Filter is Dirty

The filter can have a significant impact on the performance of the dryer. And it’s not difficult to spot if your filter is clogged since there are some problems that may occur.

  • Increased energy usage - More energy usage could be caused by restricted airflow in the dryer. As your dryer is pushed to work harder, it will use more and more energy, so you’ll be faced with higher energy bills.
  • Motor strain - Longer drying time, as well as the need of additional power, can strain your dryer parts which will cause more energy usage. This is where the motor of the dryer is at risk. This means that with prolonged use, your motor is likely to fail and you’ll need to pay for an expensive repair bill.
  • Blocked airflow - The materials and items may accumulate in the dryer and it can block the airflow. This lack of free flowing air means that not only will your clothing and other items take longer to dry, but there is also a risk of your dryer overheating.
  • Fire hazard - If the lint filter is not cleaned regularly, items will accumulate and fill the filter, therefore it they will start gathering around the appliance. This can create a fire hazard should your dryer start to malfunction or overheats. This can not only create a potentially costly issue, but it could also put your family and home in danger

How to Find Your Lint Filter Trap

Dryer models are manufactured with slight differences therefore this filter may have a different location from model to model. Some dryers have easily accessible filters, but others have filters that are more hidden from view. The details of the lint filter for your dryer will be shown in your owner’s manual, but there are some common possible locations:

  • Inside the door - From the inside part of the door you should be able to see the lint filter slot. You may also notice a screen shaped like the shallow channel in the door cavity that can allow you to pick up any lint out with your finger.
  • On the back wall -In this case you will need to take a look at the back wall of your dryer from the inside of the appliance. You should be able to notice a panel with holes in. You may need to squeeze the sides to allow the trap to open it to access the lint and clean it.
  • Corner of the dryer - Your dryer's lint filter can also be located at the top corner. This is often where the control panel is. You should be able to see a handle that will allow you to pull the lint screen from a shaped channel.

Regardless of the lint filter, you appliance seeks regular cleaning and maintenance. By performing these actions you will surely secure your dryer from a possibility of malfunction. Otherwise, it's always good to know where this filter is, to be able to clean it. If, otherwise you wish to update your laundry system with a new electric or gas dryer machine for sale check out our selection at Townappliance.com.


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