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Choosing Your Perfect Appliance Finish

There are good reasons why we hire interior designers to step up when the time comes for us to redecorate or renovate. Picking a color or a perfect shade for your kitchen wall may seem effortless, but as soon as we're at cabinetry and appliances, difficulties may pop up. On one hand, yes, the cabinetry can be painted in red or even pink, but as for the appliance finishes, they cannot be painted and their nuances are quite limited.

Now, as interior designers are expensive to hire we think it's best to provide you with a few ideas that will, surely, ease your hassle over picking the perfect appliance finish.


White appliances are less common in stylish kitchens, mostly because the classic white fridge we grew up with seems so simple and old fashioned today. However, there are actually many scenarios where white deserves a little consideration. In some cases, pale variants of any colors can be very interesting for kitchen cabinetry and finishes. Additionally, if you have a darker painted ceiling, white walls can come very nice with the rest of the paintjob.


Black, is generally a neutral color and a bold one, due to being so dark. For this reason, it can be a risky or safe choice for appliances, depending on what you’re pairing it with. Black and white combination is vivid and dramatic, without any trendy colors that might clash when viewed a few years down the road. Also, with dark painted or espresso wood cabinetry, black appliances blend in extremely nicely. Your cabinets don’t need to be equally dark to work great with black appliances. Black will also complement a nice smoky gray.


Panel-ready appliances are designed to welcome a custom door front that matches your surrounding cabinetry, rather than having their own front finish. This generally camouflages the appliances. You can panel multiple appliances or just ones in particular areas. Fridges are a popular choice to panel since they are generally very tall, wide and visually dominating. This is a very interesting approach and solution to make everything nice and approachable in smaller kitchens.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is certainly a popular appliance finish — and for many good reasons. As a metal in between light and dark, stainless steel is a safe-play neutral option to match nearly any color. The material has a look of quality, and this often comes with a slightly bigger price tag than other finishes, so whether that budget is worth it is a matter of personal budget and priorities.