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Appliances That Affect the Air Quality in Your Home

Appliances That Affect the Air Quality in Your Home
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Recently, air pollution is a topic that worries us more and more, and for good reason. The world today has an extremely high level of pollution recorded, and the consequences from it are getting bigger and more serious. Allergies and respiratory problems are some of the side effects that we struggle with due to pollution, and when you consider the air in closed rooms contains two to five times more pollutants than outside, it's quite clear that something must be done to improve the conditions for a healthy and carefree life. Indoor air quality concerns are valid and, in such circumstances, great help is provided by air purifiers that improve air quality, without any consequences to our lungs and overall health. The benefits are numerous, so investing in an air purifier is something that will help the whole family in the long run and ensure a higher quality of life. A reliable air purifier is something you don't buy every day, so in order to make the right choice that will last for a long period of time, we’ll offer you tips and guidelines on how to choose the one that will suit you best and provide the greatest benefits.


Before you go shopping, think carefully about why you need an air purifier, as it will depend on your specific needs. Not all air purifiers are designed to filter all types of pollutants, and not every home has the same sources of pollution, so it's crucial to first determine what is causing the problem. Some people struggle with allergies, some share a living space with smokers or are smokers themselves, while others are affected by the hair of their pets. There are numerous causes, so determining your specific case will help tremendously when choosing a suitable home appliance.

Appliances With HEPA Filter

A term you will often come across when researching air purifiers is the HEPA filter, as it is one of the highest quality methods of air filtration. HEPA filters provide the ability to remove major indoor air pollutants such as pollen, mold, dust, microbes, smoke, as well as hair and dander left behind by pets. These types of devices are recommended for anyone who has respiratory problems, since they retain these particles and do not release them back into the air. Because of this, purifiers with a HEPA filter are extremely efficient and recommended for all types of households. Keep in mind that due to the way of filtering, as they use fans to draw the air in, they can be much louder.


Unlike HEPA filters, ionizers do not draw pollutants into themselves, but force them to fall to the floor, which allows for their easier removal and prevents inhalation of these substances. They work on the principle of emitting charged ions into the air that bind to pollutants present in the air. In addition, there are also ionizers that contain electrostatic plates that attract fallen particles and thus remove them from the room. Ionizers are an excellent choice for all those who struggle with visible smoke in the room, persistent collection of dust, as well as the appearance of various viruses, bacteria, fungi and pollen. They do not use fans, making it a quieter option. They are also quite easy to use and do not require any special maintenance. Some of the appliances that contain ionizers have the ability to dehumidify the air, as well as the function of drying and detecting suspended gas for cooling. Ionizers also offer automatic defrosting, switching off and has a timer, which will greatly facilitate your daily use and purify the air in the room completely carefree.

Active Carbon Filters

Everyone knows that activated carbon is excellent when it comes to removing unpleasant odors, so it's not surprising that it is one of the components included in the production of air purifiers. Such filters use a special type of activated carbon, which consists of a large number of small absorbent pores, allowing for the filtering of vapors, gasses and unpleasant odors. Carbon filters have the greatest role in removing unpleasant odors, chemical and gas vapors, which is why they are combined with pre-filters in devices, filtering up to 99.99% of allergens and small particles from the air. In addition to purifying the air very quickly, this device also has the ability to intelligently determine the degree of air pollution in the room, as well as a timer with automatic shutdown and a delayed start of up to 8 hours.

Purifiers with UV light

In this case, instead of pollutants passing through filters, they will be eliminated from the air by emitting ultraviolet light that destroys bacteria, viruses and microbes, thus creating a sterile environment. The disadvantage is that such devices by themselves do not remove the other polluting particles from the air, so they are often only combined with HEPA devices or ionic air purifiers.

ACH and CARD Labels

If you've embarked on the adventure of searching for the right air purifier, you've no doubt come across the ACH and CARD labels. ACH is a mark that will show you how many times in a certain room within 60 minutes the purifier can circulate the volume of air, and therefore the higher the number of the ACH mark, the higher the efficiency of air filtration. The CARD label represents the capacity of the flow of purified air, which shows how much air is purified within a specific room size. However, not all devices on the list of specifications have the CARD mark, but only those that belong to the AHAM association. ACH and CARD tags are a great way to compare the effectiveness of appliances on the market.

With the high level of air pollution in our country, air purifiers have become something that is necessary for the daily functioning of every individual and their families. When choosing an appliance, understand your life circumstances and needs, as well as the features of the appliance and cost, in order to choose the one that will provide you with the best quality of life and alleviate any indoor air quality concerns. At Townappliance.com, our team of technical specialists are here to help. When you’re ready to choose your new air purifier, please contact and visit us online for assistance in your purchase.

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