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5 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs a Smart Cooktop

Smart appliances are the way of the future. They come in all different shapes, colors, and types. And they each have features that make them unique. Have you ever wondered what a smart cooktop does? We’ll go over five reasons your kitchen needs a smart cooktop below.

Energy Efficiency

Cooktops can help you save energy in several ways. Most of the best smart cooktops are Energy Star certified because are more energy efficient. This means they’ll use less energy than an appliance that isn’t Energy Star certified. This translates into savings, so you should immediately notice a positive impact on your wallet. Additionally, it’s far more environmentally friendly because you’re relying less on dirty energy. This is a key reason why your kitchen needs a smart cooktop.

Safety Features

Most cooktops have safety features that you can control via your smartphone. Gone are the days when you had to manually turn a knob to start your burner! Some apps even allow you to set a timer when you turn it on. Other smart cooktops know intuitively when you remove an object off the cooktop and turn it off for you so you don’t risk burning yourself. The possibilities are endless and only growing.

Voice Control

Yes, it’s possible to talk to your cooktop. Imagine turning your cooktop on and off with your voice rather than using it manually. This is perfect for preheating a pan while you’re cutting vegetables. Cooktops are simple to control with your voice because the app will manage the burner’s temperature and settings. Go ahead and tell Alexa to turn your burner setting to 75 percent!

Recipes and Tips

If your cooktop has an app, you’ll be happy to know that controls usually aren’t the only thing you can find on it. Many apps also contain fun recipes and cooking tips. You might find tips on getting the most out of your cooktop or new recipes for dinner that you haven’t tried before. Have fun perusing the app for culinary inspiration!

Calorie Counting

You’ll be happy to know that some smart cooktops have apps that can tell you how many calories you’re about to eat. Even better, your app can connect to other apps like Fitbit or your smartwatch to store and track what you eat. This is a ton of fun and necessary if you’re on a strict diet.

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