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5 Facts About Your Refrigerator You Didn’t Know

Your fridge is always there for you when you're hungry and want a full meal or a midnight snack. However, while we've all grown up with refrigerators, you might not know much about them. That’s why we've organized five facts about refrigerators you didn't know.

You May Need To Swap Out Filters

Air filters eliminate smells and guarantee that only clean, sterilized air circulates around your refrigerator and over your food. They may be the most overlooked filter in your house, but it's crucial to replace them every six months to prevent nasty odors from spreading. The same is true for the water filter; replace it as soon as your fridge lets you know to avoid drinking tainted water.

Should Keep Them at the Right Temperature

According to the FDA, the temperature in your refrigerator should be kept at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower to avoid foodborne disease. Keeping food at room temperature increases the population of disease-causing microorganisms to double every 20 minutes, but cold temperatures keep them at bay. You should get a thermometer if you don't already have one to track interior temperatures.

Where the Coldest Spot Is

The back of your bottom shelf is the coldest spot in the fridge since it's furthest away from warm air entering when you open the doors. Additionally, the lower compartments will always be chillier because frigid air descends. You should arrange meats and cheeses accordingly and keep them in the coldest locations to keep them fresher for longer.

Don't Overcrowd

Overcrowding your fridge can lead to bacterial contamination since it can obstruct air vents and foster poor air circulation. As a result, chilly air has a more challenging time reaching your food and keeping it fresh. Furthermore, overcrowding reduces the energy efficiency of your appliance, increasing the amount of electricity and money needed to run it.

Albert Einstein Had a Hand in Creating Them

The first thoughts that might pop up in your mind when you hear Albert Einstein are E=MC ² or the theory of relativity. You may not realize that the famous German scientist also had a hand in creating appliances. After learning of a family who had died because of their archaic fridge spewing poisons, Einstein and a former pupil developed a patent for a new type of refrigerator in 1930.

We hope learning about the five facts about your refrigerator you didn't know helps you better understand and maintain your appliance. Town Appliances offers a comprehensive selection of name-brand refrigerators built into walls that provide you with fantastic features and keep your food nice and cold. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.