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5 Common Kitchen Range Problems and Their Fixes

5 Common Kitchen Range Problems and Their Fixes
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5 Common Kitchen Range Problems and Their Fixes

The longer we use our appliances, the more likely they are to fail. That includes our kitchen ranges. However, there are ways to fix an appliance that’s beginning to have some issues, and some problems crop up more than others. Let’s dive into the five most common kitchen range problems and discuss their fixes below.

The Electric Stove Isn’t Heating

First, ask yourself: is one burner not working, or are they all out of order? If the issue is with one burner, examine the heating coil’s connection to the burner. Ensure the coil is cool before touching it, and unplug its connection, examining it for any signs of major damage. If an issue happens across the entire cooktop (including a malfunctioning display), you likely have a problem with the entire unit. Try unplugging and plugging it back in. If it doesn’t work, your surge breaker might have been overwhelmed, and it’s time to call a professional.

The Heat Won’t Adjust

If your stove loses its ability to regulate the heat level, you have a problem. Depending on how you handle it, it might cut on and off rather than fluctuate in temperature. Either way, you should replace the infinite switch that you’ll find connected to the dial. It regulates power levels, so do this as soon as you can.

The Gas Stove Won’t Light

When you first turn on a gas stove burner, you should hear rhythmic clicking. After that, a flame should pop on. If you don’t see a flame at all, the scent of gas should be in the air. If you can’t smell gas, expect a gas flow issue. And if you don’t hear a switch, your ignition switch is defective. Turn off your lights and look for the igniter light. The component will need a replacement if the sparks you see come out red rather than blue.

The Oven Door Will Not Shut

Unplug your oven and pull the door up and out—it should come off. Doing this won’t unscrew any errant screws that might be holding the hinges in place. Replace your hinges after you check them if needed. The door springs might also be an issue, so look under the oven after sliding out the bottom drawer to see if this is the case. Try to replace the oven door. If it doesn’t shut properly, the sensor will need replacement. This is a common kitchen range problem with a simple fix.

The Oven Isn’t Self-Cleaning

A clean oven ensures your food doesn’t start smoking because of baked-on food particles. That said, there are a few things you can do to help your oven clean itself. Manage your expectations since large spills will leave a large amount of ash you might need to clean manually. Ensure you set your timers and knobs correctly, and if you’re still having trouble, you might need to call a professional.

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