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Tips on keeping your refrigerator organized

Pointers for Getting the Best Out Of Your Refrigerator Capacity

The best way to organize your refrigerator is based on the temperature that the foods need to be cooked to. Things that don’t need cooking are placed at the top. Then organize downwards based on temperature. The food that needs to be cooked to the highest temperature should be at the bottom. This will also avoid food contaminating other food because all the items that need to be highly cooked will be stored together. And anything that drips from a higher shelf will be cooked so the bacteria will be killed. So, when it comes to having an organized fridge, follow that strategy.

Upper Shelves should house drinks, ready-to-eat foods, and leftovers. Lower Shelves should carry the raw ingredients that need to be cooked.

Drawers create a paradox. They are usually designed to hold produce at certain humidity, so they are perfect for fruits and vegetables. But since they are usually located at the bottom of the refrigerator, the risk of contamination arises if the meat is placed on a shelf above it. So, you might designate one drawer for meats and the other for the produce, using the lower one for the meats. Clean the meat drawer often. Another even better option would be to place two plastic bins into the refrigerator, when necessary, and use one for fish and one for meat. That will keep them separate from everything else in the fridge and also avoid any drips from them onto anything else.

Doors are the warmest part of the refrigerator so only condiments should go there. Don’t keep milk or eggs in the door. They should be kept in the coldest part of the refrigerator: usually the back or bottom.