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Things to know

Suggestions for Using Your Appliance


1. Read your Manual:

This is a good idea because it is better to be prepared and know the ins and outs than being surprised when you try to use your cooktop

2. Cookware:

.  Only cookware specifically designed for induction cooking will work. Your pots must be straight and not warped because they must make clean contact with the cooktop to function correctly. And, keep them centered over the element so the food cooks evenly.

3. Cleanup:

Spills must be cleaned up right away to avoid damaging the ceramic top. But, cleanup is a cinch since it is smooth with no ridges or traps for dirt. And, because the top doesn’t get as hot as conventional tops, the food doesn’t get burned on (except for sugar). Don’t forget to wait until the cooktop cools down. You can wipe it with a wet sponge or a ceramic cleaner for dried-on spills. The pots must be kept clean, as well, because burnt on stains may affect the cooking performance.

4. Protect the Cooktop:

 Don’t drop anything on it and stay away from pots that have ridges or edges because the surface may get scratched.  

5. Keep an Eye on the Pots:

Never leave your cooking unattended. The cookware should not be placed near the controls so as not to damage them. And, never leave empty pots or anything else on the cooktop. Please note that many models will detect if the pot has boiled dry and turn themselves off and they can warn you if the pot is incompatible and not turn on.

6. Keep This Away:

Don’t put sugar, plastic, or aluminum foil near the cooktop when it is on. Keep metallic objects away when it is on because they will get super-hot and may burn someone if touched. When it is on, keep anything magnetically charged away from it: Important – that, also, includes credit cards.