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Miele WXD160WCS LOTUSWHITE Wxd 160 Wcs - W1 Front-Loading Washing Machine With Capdosing And Miele@Home For Smart Laundry Care.

Miele WXD160WCS LOTUSWHITE Wxd 160 Wcs - W1 Front-Loading Washing Machine With Capdosing And Miele@Home For Smart Laundry Care.

User Convenience Delay Start And Time Left DisplayAccording To Schedule: "Have You... Read more...



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    When Will I Get My Order?


    Miele WXD160WCS LOTUSWHITE Wxd 160 Wcs - W1 Front-Loading Washing Machine With Capdosing And Miele@Home For Smart Laundry Care.
    Miele WXD160WCS LOTUSWHITE Wxd 160 Wcs - W1 Front-Loading Washing Machine With Capdosing And Miele@Home For Smart Laundry Care.

    Delay start and time left display

    According to schedule: "have your Program start at the time of your choice, matching your daily schedule."

    Appliance networking with Miele@home *

    Make your life smart: Thanks to Miele@home you can cleverly network your domestic appliances - for more options.


    Gentle & soft: with the special program synthetic textiles remain beautiful and keep their shape.


    Best care without the loss of function: High-quality outdoor textiles retain their functionality in any weather.


    Best possible reactivation effect: Thermal activation ensures optimum water-repellent properties.


    Intensive colours: this programme ensures that colours are retained without unsightly bleached areas or creases.


    Too wet for hanging up: With this program you reach the optimum residual moisture.


    Brilliant results: Whites will never look brighter.


    No shrinkage, no felting: Delicate fabrics are cared for particularly gently, maintaining their quality.


    Fresh and clean: Perfect laundry results for cotton, linen or blended fabrics.

    Automatic load control

    Load adaptation la Miele: The smaller the load, the lower the water and power consumption. Completely automatic.

    Hot water

    Hot water for cool customers: You can make use of an energy-efficient water supply with a second connection.

    ProfiEco motor

    Powerful and economical: our ProfiEco motors with inverter drive ensure wear-free, quiet, energy-saving washing.

    Tested for up to 20 years' average usage. *

    Some car engines are tested over 3,000 hours - but we test constant performance over as much as 10,000 hours. *

    Honeycomb drum

    Soft to the touch: the hexagonal sculptured surface of the drum allows garments to glide on a thin film of water.


    50 % less need for ironing - smoothing after a wash programme

    water protection system

    Everything dry: water protection system monitors the water intake, detects leakages and water in the drip tray.

    Double WaterProof System *

    Peace of mind: Miele will bear the cost for prop. dam. resulting fr. a defect in the water prot. s. for 20 years.

    CapDosing *

    Simple and sustainable: CapDosing always dispenses special detergents, fabric softeners, and additives perfectly.

    User Convenience Delay Start And Time Left DisplayAccording To Schedule: "Have Your Program Start At The Time Of Your Choice, Matching Your Daily Schedule." Appliance Networking With Miele@Home *Make Your Life Smart: Thanks To Miele@Home You Can Cleverly Network Your Domestic Appliances - For More Options. Washing Programs DelicatesGentle & Soft: With The Special Program Synthetic Textiles Remain Beautiful And Keep Their Shape. OuterwearBest Care Without The Loss Of Function: High-Quality Outdoor Textiles Retain Their Functionality In Any Weather. ProofingBest Possible Reactivation Effect: Thermal Activation Ensures Optimum Water-Repellent Properties. Dark/DenimsIntensive Colours: This Programme Ensures That Colours Are Retained Without Unsightly Bleached Areas Or Creases. Drain/SpinToo Wet For Hanging Up: With This Program You Reach The Optimum Residual Moisture. ExtrawhiteBrilliant Results: Whites Will Never Look Brighter. HandwashNo Shrinkage, No Felting: Delicate Fabrics Are Cared For Particularly Gently, Maintaining Their Quality. NormalFresh And Clean: Perfect Laundry Results For Cotton, Linen Or Blended Fabrics. Efficiency And Sustainability Automatic Load ControlLoad Adaptation La Miele: The Smaller The Load, The Lower The Water And Power Consumption. Completely Automatic. Hot WaterHot Water For Cool Customers: You Can Make Use Of An Energy-Efficient Water Supply With A Second Connection. Profieco MotorPowerful And Economical: Our Profieco Motors With Inverter Drive Ensure Wear-Free, Quiet, Energy-Saving Washing. Quality Tested For Up To 20 Years' Average Usage. *Some Car Engines Are Tested Over 3,000 Hours - But We Test Constant Performance Over As Much As 10,000 Hours. * Gentle Laundry Care Honeycomb DrumSoft To The Touch: The Hexagonal Sculptured Surface Of The Drum Allows Garments To Glide On A Thin Film Of Water. Pre-Ironing50 % Less Need For Ironing - Smoothing After A Wash Programme Safety Water Protection SystemEverything Dry: Water Protection System Monitors The Water Intake, Detects Leakages And Water In The Drip Tray. Double Waterproof System *Peace Of Mind: Miele Will Bear The Cost For Prop. Dam. Resulting Fr. A Defect In The Water Prot. S. For 20 Years. Cleaning Performance Capdosing *Simple And Sustainable: Capdosing Always Dispenses Special Detergents, Fabric Softeners, And Additives Perfectly.

    • Portioned capsules for special laundry needs - Capsule dispensing
    • Ironing made simple thanks to pre-ironing
    • Wash small & large loads efficiently-Automatic load recognition
    • 12 programs including Express
    • ENERGY STAR® qualified

    Construction type
    Door hinging left
    Product brand W1 White Edition
    Front loaders
    Max. spin speed 1600
    Rinse hold
    Without spin' function
    Appliance color Lotus white
    Control panel color Lotus white
    Door design Lotus white
    Rotary selector color Lotus White
    Fascia panel version 5° incline
    Control type Rotary selector
    Control panel DirectSensor white, 7 segment
    Cleaning performance
    Gentle laundry care
    Honeycomb drum
    Load in lbs. (kg) 18 (8.0)
    Control panel
    Networking with Miele@home
    Delay start up to 24 hours
    Countdown indicator
    AutoClean dispenser drawer
    Efficiency and sustainability
    Hot water connection
    Low-temperature washing 'Cold' and '68°F'
    Automatic load control
    Flow meter
    Foam control
    ProfiEco motor
    Wash programmes
    Dress shirts
    Extra White
    Acoustic signal
    Suds container Stainless Steel
    Counterweights made of cast iron
    Water control system
    Lock code
    Optical interface
    Technical data
    Dimensions (width) in in. (mm) 23 1/2 (596)
    Dimensions (height) in in. (mm) 33 1/2 (850)
    Dimensions (depth) in in. (mm) 25 3/8 (643)
    Depth with door open in in. (mm) 42 1/2 (1077)
    Weight in lbs. (kg) 203 (92)
    Total connected load in kW 1.30
    Voltage in V 120
    Fuse rating in A 15
    Frequency in Hz 60
    Length of supply lead in ft. (m) 6 (2)
    Available display languages
    Available display languages via MultiLingua No