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Miele H7870BM GREY 30" Compact Speed Oven In A Perfectly Combinable Design With Automatic Programs And Roast Probe.

Miele H7870BM GREY 30" Compact Speed Oven In A Perfectly Combinable Design With Automatic Programs And Roast Probe.

Special Features MasterchefDelicious Dishes In No Time At All: Whether Bread, Cake... Read more...


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    When Will I Get My Order?


    Miele H7870BM GREY   30
    Miele H7870BM GREY 30" Compact Speed Oven In A Perfectly Combinable Design With Automatic Programs And Roast Probe.

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    Delicious dishes in no time at all: Whether bread, cakes, or meat - food is prepared fully automatically.

    Roast probe

    Cook fish and meat to perfection: The countdown indicator lets you know when your food is ready.

    Special modes

    The extraordinary made simple: Special programs such as Drying give outstanding results.

    Crisp Function

    Perfect for pizza or fries: Reducing the moisture achieves a crispy, golden finish.

    3 in 1

    Microwave, oven, or combi mode for cooking food perfectly in just one single appliance.

    Quick & Gentle

    Combine oven and microwave functions in a fully customized way - saving time and giving you perfect results.

    Appliance networking with Miele@home *

    Make your life smart: thanks to Miele@home you can cleverly network your domestic appliances - for more options.

    Minute Plus button

    Full power at your fingertips: Select the microwave function quickly via a separate sensor control.

    Popcorn button

    That cinema feeling in your own home: With our Popcorn button you can make perfect popcorn quickly and easily.

    SoftOpen and SoftClose

    Sophisticated and elegant: The door opens and closes with a gentle movement - right to the very end.


    Always on time: Set the start time, end time, and duration of the cooking process, or the kitchen timer.


    For users who speak different languages: The controls can be set to numerous languages.

    Oven compartment size and levels

    A marvel of space: The oven compartment is intelligently divided, so you can use it effectively.

    Stainless steel interior, patented linen structure *

    Easy to clean: the special surface with a linen structure is scratch-proof and has a PerfectClean finish.

    LED spotlight

    Spot on: The LED spotlight illuminates the oven compartment perfectly, while also being highly energy-efficient.

    Touch-cool front

    Protection against burns: The appliance stays relatively cool - including on the outside of the door.

    Safety functions

    Always safe: Safety lock and safety shut-off provide reliable protection.

    Special modes

    The extraordinary made simple: A range of special programs such as Drying give outstanding results.


    Reheat water for a cup of tea or warm up a meal: efficient convenience - fast.

    Microwave plus Auto Roast

    Succulent inside, crispy outside: Meat is seared at a high temperature, then cooking continues with the microwave.

    Microwave + Maxi Broil

    Cooking and broiling: the perfect broiled flavor for meat, fish, grilled vegetables, and so much more.

    Microwave + Convection Bake

    Whether cakes or a Sunday roast: ideal for quick and gentle baking and roasting on up to 2 levels.

    Microwave + Convection Broil

    Versatile function for indoors: for broiling steaks, sausages, kebabs, rolled meat, flash fried meat, etc.


    Conjure up lots of dishes with no stress: Be it bread, cakes, or poultry - food is prepared fully automatically.


    Gentle on frozen food: Frozen food is gently defrosted under ideal conditions using cool air.

    Gentle Bake

    Extremely energy-efficient: Succulent roasts or incredible casseroles are cooked to perfection.


    Crispy bases, delicious toppings: pizza, quiche, or fresh fruit flans - crispy base, moist on top.

    Slow Roasting

    Tender and succulent: Meat is cooked evenly at a low temperature - without drying the outside.


    Multi-purpose, classic function: perfect results for all types of traditional baked and roasted dishes.

    Maxi Broil

    Versatile function for indoors: so you can broil large quantities of steaks, sausages, kebabs, and more.

    Convection Broil

    Crisp outside, succulent inside: ideal for chicken, duck, pork, rolled meat, and many other meat dishes.


    Individual requirements: for cooking food in a bain-marie or for browning from underneath.

    Auto Roast

    Meat remains tender and succulent: Meat is seared at a high temperature, then roasted at a selected temperature.


    For those who lead a busy life: If there's not much time for cooking, you will really appreciate this program.

    Sabbath Program

    Preprogram dishes up to 72 hours in advance: The unique Sabbath Program lets you make long-term plans.


    For 20 of your favorite dishes: Simply set the function, temperature, and duration, then save them for future use.

    Special Features MasterchefDelicious Dishes In No Time At All: Whether Bread, Cakes, Or Meat - Food Is Prepared Fully Automatically. Roast Probe Cook Fish And Meat To Perfection: The Countdown Indicator Lets You Know When Your Food Is Ready. Special Modes The Extraordinary Made Simple: Special Programs Such As Drying Give Outstanding Results. Crisp Function Perfect For Pizza Or Fries: Reducing The Moisture Achieves A Crispy, Golden Finish. User Convenience 3 In 1 Microwave, Oven, Or Combi Mode For Cooking Food Perfectly In Just One Single Appliance. Quick & Gentle Combine Oven And Microwave Functions In A Fully Customized Way - Saving Time And Giving You Perfect Results. Appliance Networking With Miele@Home *Make Your Life Smart: Thanks To Miele@Home You Can Cleverly Network Your Domestic Appliances - For More Options. Minute Plus Button Full Power At Your Fingertips: Select The Microwave Function Quickly Via A Separate Sensor Control. Popcorn Button That Cinema Feeling In Your Own Home: With Our Popcorn Button You Can Make Perfect Popcorn Quickly And Easily. Softopen And Softclose Sophisticated And Elegant: The Door Opens And Closes With A Gentle Movement - Right To The Very End. Timers Always On Time: Set The Start Time, End Time, And Duration Of The Cooking Process, Or The Kitchen Timer. Multilingua For Users Who Speak Different Languages: The Controls Can Be Set To Numerous Languages. Oven Cabinets Oven Compartment Size And Levels A Marvel Of Space: The Oven Compartment Is Intelligently Divided, So You Can Use It Effectively. Stainless Steel Interior, Patented Linen Structure *Easy To Clean: The Special Surface With A Linen Structure Is Scratch-Proof And Has A Perfectclean Finish. Led Spotlight Spot On: The Led Spotlight Illuminates The Oven Compartment Perfectly, While Also Being Highly Energy-Efficient. Safety Touch-Cool Front Protection Against Burns: The Appliance Stays Relatively Cool - Including On The Outside Of The Door. Safety Functions Always Safe: Safety Lock And Safety Shut-Off Provide Reliable Protection. Operating Modes Special ModesThe Extraordinary Made Simple: A Range Of Special Programs Such As Drying Give Outstanding Results. MicrowaveReheat Water For A Cup Of Tea Or Warm Up A Meal: Efficient Convenience - Fast. Microwave Plus Auto RoastSucculent Inside, Crispy Outside: Meat Is Seared At A High Temperature, Then Cooking Continues With The Microwave. Microwave + Maxi BroilCooking And Broiling: The Perfect Broiled Flavor For Meat, Fish, Grilled Vegetables, And So Much More. Microwave + Convection BakeWhether Cakes Or A Sunday Roast: Ideal For Quick And Gentle Baking And Roasting On Up To 2 Levels. Microwave + Convection BroilVersatile Function For Indoors: For Broiling Steaks, Sausages, Kebabs, Rolled Meat, Flash Fried Meat, Etc. MasterchefConjure Up Lots Of Dishes With No Stress: Be It Bread, Cakes, Or Poultry - Food Is Prepared Fully Automatically. DefrostGentle On Frozen Food: Frozen Food Is Gently Defrosted Under Ideal Conditions Using Cool Air. Gentle BakeExtremely Energy-Efficient: Succulent Roasts Or Incredible Casseroles Are Cooked To Perfection. IntensiveCrispy Bases, Delicious Toppings: Pizza, Quiche, Or Fresh Fruit Flans - Crispy Base, Moist On Top. Slow RoastingTender And Succulent: Meat Is Cooked Evenly At A Low Temperature - Without Drying The Outside. SurroundMulti-Purpose, Classic Function: Perfect Results For All

    • Large touch display with proximity sensor - M Touch + MotionReact
    • Easy cleaning - cavity with linen-weave pattern & PerfectClean
    • Faster and more consistent results - Quick & Gentle
    • Network-enabled WiFi appliance - Miele@home
    • Popcorn in a flash with the popcorn function

    Construction type and design
    Built-in wall speed oven
    Appliance color Graphite grey
    Convenience features
    Quick & Gentle
    Rapid PreHeat
    Keep-warm function
    Crisp function
    Operating modes
    MasterChef automatic programs Yes
    Auto roast
    Gentle Bake
    Broiling operating modes
    Maxi Broil
    Intensive Bake
    Slow roast
    Combi Auto Roast
    Micro Broil
    Combi Bake
    Combi Broil
    Convection Roast
    Special modes
    User convenience
    Networking with Miele@home
    Control panel M Touch
    MotionReact: Light comes on when movement is detected
    MotionReact: Display comes on when movement is detected
    MotionReact: Audible signal to acknowledge when movement is detected
    MotionReact: Detection of cabinet fronts
    ComfortSwivel handle
    Show me how
    Popcorn function
    Polyphonic acoustic signals
    Time of day display
    Time synchronization
    Date display
    Minute minder
    Programming start of cooking duration
    Programming end of cooking duration
    Programmable cooking time
    Actual temperature display
    Audible signal when desired temperature is reached
    Default temperature
    Recommended microwave power
    Minute Plus button
    Sabbath program
    Individual settings
    Efficiency and sustainability
    Residual heat utilization
    Cleaning convenience
    Stainless-steel cavity with linen surface structure
    Foldable broil heater element
    CleanGlass door
    Appliance cooling system and cool touch front
    Safety cut-out
    System lock
    Sensor lock
    Technical data
    Cavity volume in cu.ft (l) 1.52 (43)
    No. of rack levels 3
    Number of shelf levels oven compartment 1 3
    Number of shelf levels oven compartment 2 3
    Oven interior lighting 1 LED spot
    Electronically controlled microwave power
    Microwave power levels 1 - 7
    Niche width min. in inches (mm) 28 5/8 (724)
    Niche width max. in inches (mm) 28 5/8 (724)
    Niche height min. in inches (mm) 18 5/8 (470)
    Niche height max. in inches (mm) 18 5/8 (472)
    Niche depth in in. (mm) 24 1/8 (610)
    Appliance width in in. (mm) 29 7/8 (757)
    Appliance height in in. (mm) 18 7/8 (479)
    Appliance depth in in. (mm) 22 5/8 (573)
    Weight in lbs. (kg) 101.41 (46.0)
    Total connected load in kW 3,30
    Power Rating in V 120
    Voltage in V 240/208
    Frequency in Hz 60
    Number of phases 1
    Fuse rating in A 30
    Connection wire with plug
    Length of power cord in in. (m) 1.80
    Available display languages
    Available display languages via MultiLingua bahasa malaysia,dansk,deutsch,english,espa ol,fran ais,hrvatski,italiano,magyar,nederlands,norsk,polski,portugu s,p ,rom n ,sloven ina,sloven ina,srpski,suomi,svenska,t rk e,y , e tina, , , , , ,