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Miele ESW7570 STAINLESS STEEL Handleless Gourmet Warming Drawer, 30" Width And 9 3/16" Height For Preheating Dishware, Keeping Food Warm, And Slow Roasting.

Miele ESW7570 STAINLESS STEEL Handleless Gourmet Warming Drawer, 30" Width And 9 3/16" Height For Preheating Dishware, Keeping Food Warm, And Slow Roasting.

User Convenience Four Functions 4 In 1: Warm Up Cups Or Plates, Keep Food Warm, Or... Read more...



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    When Will I Get My Order?


    Miele ESW7570 STAINLESS STEEL   Handleless Gourmet Warming Drawer, 30
    Miele ESW7570 STAINLESS STEEL Handleless Gourmet Warming Drawer, 30" Width And 9 3/16" Height For Preheating Dishware, Keeping Food Warm, And Slow Roasting.

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    Four functions

    4 in 1: Warm up cups or plates, keep food warm, or cook at low temperatures.

    SensorTouch controls

    Elegant and easy to clean: A state-of-the-art, flush-mounted touch panel makes the appliance convenient to use.


    Open in no time: Light pressure on the drawer is all it takes..


    For your flexibility: The drawer switches off automatically at the end of the programmed time.

    Appliance networking with Miele@home *

    Make your life smart: thanks to Miele@home you can cleverly network your domestic appliances - for more options.

    Fully telescopic runners

    So convenient: You can open the drawer fully so it is easy to load or unload.

    Wide range of applications

    The drawer is also ideal for drying fruit and herbs, proofing dough, or melting chocolate.

    Slow Roasting

    Professional results: Cooking at low temperatures turns every meat dish into a sumptuous delight.

    Veal and beef

    Slow Roasting gives meat an aromatic flavor and keeps it juicy and succulent.

    Lamb and poultry

    Slow Roasting ensures gentle cooking of these meats and achieves succulent and tender results.


    Cooking fish gently preserves its delicate structure and locks in vital nutrients - making it healthy and tasty.


    Dessert provides the perfect end to any meal - a sumptuous meringue, for instance.

    Side dishes

    Potatoes, pasta, rice, or vegetables - a perfectly cooked side dish rounds off any meal.

    Breakfast cereals

    A delicious, healthy breakfast provides the perfect start to the day.

    Melting chocolate

    Whether you're making cake or muffins - you can melt chocolate at precise temperatures for baking.

    Proofing dough

    Yeast dough is particularly suitable for bread, rolls, and pizza - it's a breeze to prepare.

    Making yogurt

    Make your very own yogurt from scratch - for dessert or to use in baking.

    Allowing rice to swell

    Soak rice to make it soft and light. Perfect in all variations, particularly puddings.

    Dissolving gelatine

    Desserts such as panna cotta are prepared to perfection with gelatin.


    Defrost food gently, with no compromise on quality, to keep it fresh.

    User Convenience Four Functions 4 In 1: Warm Up Cups Or Plates, Keep Food Warm, Or Cook At Low Temperatures. Sensortouch Controls Elegant And Easy To Clean: A State-Of-The-Art, Flush-Mounted Touch Panel Makes The Appliance Convenient To Use. Push2OpenOpen In No Time: Light Pressure On The Drawer Is All It Takes.. TimerFor Your Flexibility: The Drawer Switches Off Automatically At The End Of The Programmed Time. Appliance Networking With Miele@Home *Make Your Life Smart: Thanks To Miele@Home You Can Cleverly Network Your Domestic Appliances - For More Options. Fully Telescopic RunnersSo Convenient: You Can Open The Drawer Fully So It Is Easy To Load Or Unload. Wide Range Of ApplicationsThe Drawer Is Also Ideal For Drying Fruit And Herbs, Proofing Dough, Or Melting Chocolate. Special Features Slow Roasting Professional Results: Cooking At Low Temperatures Turns Every Meat Dish Into A Sumptuous Delight. Gourmet Versatility Veal And Beef Slow Roasting Gives Meat An Aromatic Flavor And Keeps It Juicy And Succulent. Lamb And Poultry Slow Roasting Ensures Gentle Cooking Of These Meats And Achieves Succulent And Tender Results. Fish Cooking Fish Gently Preserves Its Delicate Structure And Locks In Vital Nutrients - Making It Healthy And Tasty. Desserts Dessert Provides The Perfect End To Any Meal - A Sumptuous Meringue, For Instance. Side Dishes Potatoes, Pasta, Rice, Or Vegetables - A Perfectly Cooked Side Dish Rounds Off Any Meal. Breakfast Cereals A Delicious, Healthy Breakfast Provides The Perfect Start To The Day. Melting Chocolate Whether You'Re Making Cake Or Muffins - You Can Melt Chocolate At Precise Temperatures For Baking. Proofing Dough Yeast Dough Is Particularly Suitable For Bread, Rolls, And Pizza - It'S A Breeze To Prepare. Making Yogurt Make Your Very Own Yogurt From Scratch - For Dessert Or To Use In Baking. Allowing Rice To Swell Soak Rice To Make It Soft And Light. Perfect In All Variations, Particularly Puddings. Dissolving Gelatine Desserts Such As Panna Cotta Are Prepared To Perfection With Gelatin. Defrost Defrost Food Gently, With No Compromise On Quality, To Keep It Fresh.

    • The ultimate in enjoyment - Slow Roasting
    • Always at the right temperature - 4 operating modes
    • Convenient and easy - Touch control and Miele@home
    • Push2open - opening the drawer couldn't be easier
    • Better safe than sorry - timer with automatic switch-off

    Construction type and design
    Gourmet drawer
    No Handles
    Color Clean Touch Steel
    Convenience features
    Prewarming of dishware
    Keeping food warm
    Perfect cooking results at low temperatures
    Operating modes
    Warm cups
    Warm plates
    Keeping food warm
    Slow roast
    User convenience
    Capacity 12 place settings
    Push2open mechanism
    Fully telescopic runners for easy loading and unloading
    Control panel with sensor control
    Control panel with text
    Stop programming
    Timer function
    Sabbath program
    Cleaning convenience
    Clean Touch Steel surface
    Flush control panel
    Cool front
    Anti-slip mat
    Safety cut-out
    Technical data
    Temperature in °F (°C) 105-185 (40-85)
    Appliance width in in. (mm) 29 7/8 (757)
    Appliance height in in. (mm) 9 7/8 (248)
    Appliance depth in in. (mm) 24 (608)
    Useable interior height in in. (mm) 6 3/4 (170)
    Total connected load in kW 1.00
    Voltage in V 120
    Frequency in Hz 60
    Fuse rating in A 16
    Number of phases 1
    Connection wire with plug Yes
    Wire length in ft. (m) 6 (2.0)