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Miele DGC7440AMGRAPHITEGREY Dgc 7440 Am - 24" Compact Combi-Steam Oven Xl For Steam Cooking, Baking, Roasting With Networking + Brilliantlight.

Miele DGC7440AMGRAPHITEGREY Dgc 7440 Am - 24" Compact Combi-Steam Oven Xl For Steam Cooking, Baking, Roasting With Networking + Brilliantlight.

For steam cooking, baking, and roasting with networking + BrilliantLight. Steam cooking is also i... Read more...


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    When Will I Get My Order?


    Miele DGC7440AMGRAPHITEGREY Dgc 7440 Am - 24
    Miele DGC7440AMGRAPHITEGREY Dgc 7440 Am - 24" Compact Combi-Steam Oven Xl For Steam Cooking, Baking, Roasting With Networking + Brilliantlight.

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    Optimum enjoyment: The steam spreads quickly and evenly - so you can enjoy perfect cooking results.

    3-in-1 oven

    A space-saving combination: convection oven, steam oven, and Combi-Steam for maximum flexibility when cooking!

    Automatic keeping warm function

    Prevents food from cooling down: Food is automatically kept warm for 15 minutes after the cooking duration ends.

    SoftOpen and SoftClose

    Sophisticated and elegant: The door opens and closes with a gentle movement - right to the very end.

    Wide range of applications

    Steam cooking is also ideal for blanching, defrosting, reheating, proofing dough, or melting chocolate.


    Always on time: Set the start time, end time, and duration of the cooking process, or the kitchen timer.

    ClearView Lighting

    Powerful and attractive: high-quality LED spotlights perfectly illuminate the oven compartment.


    Healthy food straight from the sea: Fish and seafood are cooked to perfection, retaining their aroma and texture.


    Gentle on frozen food: Defrost any frozen food gently at around 140°F (60°C) in ideal conditions

    Disinfecting baby bottles

    Bacteria-free in just 15 minutes: quick and uncomplicated disinfection of baby bottles at 210°F (100°C).

    Cooking eggs

    Eggs cooked to your preference. Cook your breakfast egg to perfection in minutes at 210°F (100°C)


    Skinning made simple: Tomatoes, nectarines, and almonds can be skinned in just 1 to 4 minutes in the steam oven

    Melting chocolate

    Sweet temptation: At 195°F (90°C), chocolate melts without clumping or burning - perfect for cakes or cookies.

    Making yogurt

    Completely homemade: Create your very own yogurt in a 105°F (40°C) steam oven in just 5 hours.

    Combi-Steam/Convection Bake

    Optimum results: Additional moisture cooks bread, bread rolls, or meat professionally and to perfection.

    Combi Broil

    Fish and meat with a high fat content are particularly tender and succulent - with a crispy skin or crust.

    Maxi Broil

    Versatile function for indoors: so you can broil large quantities of steaks, sausages, kebabs, and more.

    Humidity Plus

    Conjure up delicious cakes: perfect choux pastry, pretzels, and cake batter as good as those from the bakery.


    Finishing touch for the eye and palate: Perfect results when cooking gratins, baking toppings, and browning foods.

    Convection Broil

    Crisp outside, succulent inside: ideal for chicken, duck, pork, rolled meat, and many other meat dishes.

    Sabbath Program

    Preprogram dishes up to 72 hours in advance: The unique Sabbath Program lets you make long-term plans.


    Ideal preparation: Blanch fruit or vegetables to maintain their quality and freshness.

    Combi-Steam ovens

    Pure enjoyment: perfect results when baking and roasting with a combination of dry and moist heat.


    Cooking delicious dishes with ease: fish, meat, or vegetables - fully automatic cooking.

    Quantity-independent cooking

    Always the same time: Whether 1/4 lb or 2 lb, the cooking duration always stays the same.


    Nature at its best: Gentle cooking in the steam oven retains flavor and is also very healthy.

    Side dishes

    Always on hand: Potatoes, rice, and pasta go well with any dish and are extremely nutritious.


    Juicy and succulent: Meat from the steam oven has an impressive, intense flavor.

    Crisp function

    Perfect for pizza or fries: Reducing the moisture achieves a crispy, golden finish.

    Sterilizing jars

    Perfectly prepared: Glass jars can be sterilized thoroughly for fruit preserves.


    Fresher for longer: Preserving fruit, vegetables and meats is a breeze in the steam oven.


    Save the best for last: You can prepare desserts in a variety of ways with the steam oven.

    Extracting juice

    Transform any fruit into a delicious juice or jam: Steam ensures particularly gentle juice extraction.

    Heating hand towels

    Like a restaurant experience: Serve your guests hand towels warmed in the steam oven.

    Keeping warm

    Eating later? Your steam oven will automatically keep food warm for up to 15 minutes.

    External steam generation

    Steam generation outside the cooking compartment prevents limescale residues and ensures easy cleaning.


    Crispy bases, delicious toppings: pizza, quiche, or fresh fruit flans - crispy base, moist on top.


    Multi-purpose, classic function: perfect results for all types of traditional baked and roasted dishes.


    Individual requirements: for cooking food in a bain-marie or for browning from underneath.

    Special modes

    The extraordinary made simple: A range of special programs such as Drying give outstanding results.

    Sous-vide cooking

    Pure pleasure: meat, vegetables, or fruit cooked in a vacuum for the ultimate taste sensation.

    Steam cooking

    Gentle and healthy food preparation: cooking with steam retains many nutrients.

    Motorized lift-up control panel with SoftClose

    Convenient: Open and close the lift-up control panel with the tap of a finger to access the water container.


    Food is cooked evenly - which makes for the perfect bread.


    All sorts of soups can be made as a tasty starter.

    Stainless steel interior with PerfectClean

    High-quality and easy to clean: Our Combi-Steam Ovens all feature a stainless-steel oven compartment.

    Appliance networking with Miele@home *

    Make your life smart: thanks to Miele@home you can cleverly network your domestic appliances - for more options.

    Proofing dough

    Soft and light: This all-rounder even helps you master dough - it proofs beautifully at 105°F (40°C).

    24 Inch Single Combi-Steam Smart Electric Wall Oven with 1.84 cu. ft. Oven Capacity For steam cooking, baking, and roasting with networking + BrilliantLight. Steam cooking is also ideal for blanching, defrosting, reheating, proving dough, or melting chocolate. Dimensions & Capacity Height: 18’’
    Depth: 22.50’’

    • Large clear-text display with sensor controls - DirectSensor
    • Perfect results - DualSteam technology
    • Crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside - Combi-Steam
    • Convenient operation - water container behind lift-up panel
    • Easy cleaning - PerfectClean stainless steel oven compartment

    Construction type and design
    Combi-Steam Ovens
    Combination steam oven
    Appliance color Graphitgrau
    Convenience features
    Rapid PreHeat
    Rapid heat-up
    External steam generation
    Climate sensor
    Individual humidity settings in combination cooking
    Menu cooking without transfer of taste
    Miele Mix & Match
    Automatic programs with individual setting of the cooking result
    Keep-warm function
    Crisp function
    Operating modes
    MasterChef automatic programs Yes
    Country-specific automatic programs
    Combi cooking
    Combination cooking
    Combi Steam with Convection Bake
    Combination cooking with Fan plus
    Combi Steam with Surround
    Combination cooking with Conventional heat
    Combi Steam with Maxi Broil
    Combination cooking with grill large
    Steam cooking
    Steam cooking
    Roast with moisture
    Broiling operating modes
    Maxi Broil
    Convection Bake
    Convection Roast
    Intensive Bake
    Intensive bake
    Cake plus
    Cake plus
    Conventional heat
    Top heat
    Bottom heat
    Convection Roast
    Fan grill
    Warm-up cookware
    Special modes
    Special applications
    User convenience
    Networking with Miele@home
    Display DirectSensor
    Display DirectSensor
    Symbols on control panel
    Motorized lift-up control panel with SoftClose
    Quantity-independent cooking
    Steam cooking on up to 3 levels at the same time
    Menu cooking
    Steam reduction before end of programme
    Time of day display
    Date display
    Minute minder
    Programming start of cooking duration
    Programming end of cooking duration
    Programmable cooking time
    Actual temperature display
    Desired temperature display
    Audible signal when desired temperature is reached
    Default temperature
    Sabbath program
    Individual settings
    Cleaning convenience
    Stainless-steel cavity with linen surface structure
    Stainless-steel oven compartment with linen structure and PerfectClean
    Foldable broil heater element
    External steam generator
    External steam generator
    Maintenance programs
    Soak program
    Rinse program
    Cavity drying program
    Quick-release side racks
    Removable side racks
    Automatic descaling
    CleanGlass door
    CleanGlass door
    Steam technology and Water supply
    Fresh water container volume in l 1.40
    Fresh-water container tank behind motorized lift-up control panel with SoftClose
    Condensate container behind motorized lift-up control panel with SoftClose
    Drain filter
    Appliance cooling system and cool touch front
    Appliance cooling system and touch-cool front
    Safety cut-out
    Safety switch-off
    System lock
    System lock
    Vapor cooling system
    Sensor lock
    Technical data
    No. of rack levels 3
    23 1/2 (595) x 18 (456) x 22 1/2 (569)
    Labeling of rack levels
    Door hinge side unten
    Oven interior lighting BrilliantLight
    Oven light BrilliantLight
    Oven mode temperatures in °F (°C) 85-450 °F (30-230 °C)
    Niche width min. in inches (mm) 560
    22 1/8 (560)-22 3/8 (568) x 17 3/4 (450)-17 7/8 (452) x 21 7/8 (555)
    560-568 x 450-452 x 555
    Niche width max. in inches (mm) 568
    Niche height min. in inches (mm) 450
    Niche height max. in inches (mm) 452
    Niche depth in in. (mm) 555
    Appliance width in in. (mm) 595
    Appliance height in in. (mm) 455.50
    Appliance depth in in. (mm) 568.50
    23 1/2 (595) x 18 (456) x 22 1/2 (569)
    Weight in lbs. (kg) 91 (41.2)
    Total connected load in kW 2.80-3.70
    Power Rating in V 0
    Usable voltage range in V 240/208
    Frequency in Hz 60
    Number of phases 2
    Fuse rating in A 20
    Connection wire with plug
    Length of power cord in in. (m) 2
    Replacing bulbs Customer Service
    Available display languages
    Available display languages via MultiLingua fran ais e tina sloven ina sloven ina polski magyar nederlands hrvatski y bahasa malaysia italiano deutsch t rk e suomi dansk rom n espa ol english srpski svenska norsk p portugu s