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Miele CVA7775 STAINLESS STEEL Built-In Coffee Machine With Directwater Perfectly Combinable Design With Coffeeselect + Autodescale For Highest Demands.

Miele CVA7775 STAINLESS STEEL Built-In Coffee Machine With Directwater Perfectly Combinable Design With Coffeeselect + Autodescale For Highest Demands.

Maintenance Easy Cleaning Appliance Hygiene Made Easy: Removable Components And A... Read more...



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    When Will I Get My Order?


    Miele CVA7775 STAINLESS STEEL   Built-In Coffee Machine With Directwater Perfectly Combinable Design With Coffeeselect + Autodescale For Highest Demands.
    Miele CVA7775 STAINLESS STEEL Built-In Coffee Machine With Directwater Perfectly Combinable Design With Coffeeselect + Autodescale For Highest Demands.

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    Easy cleaning

    Appliance hygiene made easy: Removable components and automatic cleaning programs guarantee cleanliness.

    AutoDescale/AutoClean *

    Convenient and with zero effort: Your Miele Coffee Machine takes care of cleaning and descaling for you.


    Sparkling: Clean the individual components really easily in the dishwasher.

    Easy to use

    Perfect coffee pleasure: Intelligent functions mean making your coffee is so quick and easy.

    CupSensor *

    Ideal distance: The CupSensor recognizes the height of the cup and positions the spout accordingly.

    OneTouch for Two

    Fully automatic perfection: Two cups of your specialty coffee are made simultaneously with just one touch.

    Coffee/tea pot function

    For big groups: If your friends and family pay a visit, the appliance can make up to 8 cups.

    EasyClick milk system

    Convenient and innovative: The milk tank is really easy to attach and remove from the front.


    Customized and as required: Various functions can be programmed, such as switch-on and switch-off.

    A system for coffee enjoyment

    Ideal aroma: Perfectly matched components for sublime coffee enjoyment.

    CoffeeSelect *

    Your perfect choice: With 3 bean containers, your specialty coffee is always prepared with the right coffee bean.


    For an ideal aroma: Our innovative grinder means you can enjoy freshly ground coffee in every single cup.

    User profiles/parameter settings

    Exactly to your taste: Save your favorite beverages in up to 10 personalized user profiles.

    Maintenance Easy Cleaning Appliance Hygiene Made Easy: Removable Components And Automatic Cleaning Programs Guarantee Cleanliness. Autodescale/Autoclean *Convenient And With Zero Effort: Your Miele Coffee Machine Takes Care Of Cleaning And Descaling For You. Comfortclean Sparkling: Clean The Individual Components Really Easily In The Dishwasher. User Convenience Easy To Use Perfect Coffee Pleasure: Intelligent Functions Mean Making Your Coffee Is So Quick And Easy. Cupsensor * Ideal Distance: The Cupsensor Recognizes The Height Of The Cup And Positions The Spout Accordingly. Onetouch For Two Fully Automatic Perfection: Two Cups Of Your Specialty Coffee Are Made Simultaneously With Just One Touch. Coffee/Tea Pot Function For Big Groups: If Your Friends And Family Pay A Visit, The Appliance Can Make Up To 8 Cups. Easyclick Milk System Convenient And Innovative: The Milk Tank Is Really Easy To Attach And Remove From The Front. Timer Customized And As Required: Various Functions Can Be Programmed, Such As Switch-On And Switch-Off. Special Features A System For Coffee Enjoyment Ideal Aroma: Perfectly Matched Components For Sublime Coffee Enjoyment. Coffeeselect *Your Perfect Choice: With 3 Bean Containers, Your Specialty Coffee Is Always Prepared With The Right Coffee Bean. Aromaticsystemfresh For An Ideal Aroma: Our Innovative Grinder Means You Can Enjoy Freshly Ground Coffee In Every Single Cup. User Profiles/Parameter Settings Exactly To Your Taste: Save Your Favorite Beverages In Up To 10 Personalized User Profiles.

    • Large touch display with proximity sensor - M Touch + MotionReact
    • Individual coffee enjoyment with 3 bean containers - CoffeeSelect
    • Perfect care - fully automatic with AutoDescale and AutoClean
    • Perfectly positioned: thanks to the patented CupSensor
    • 2 coffees at once at the touch of a button - OneTouch for Two

    Construction type and design
    Built-in bean-to-cup coffee machine
    Color Clean Touch Steel
    Consumer benefits
    OneTouch preparation
    One Touch and OneTouch for Two
    Programmable User profile 10
    Flavor preserving conical grinding unit
    Grinding grade selectable
    Ground quantity programmable
    Water quantity programmable
    Water temperature programmable
    Amount of milk can be programmed
    Amount of milk froth can be programmed
    Pre-brewing programmable
    Control panel
    Networking with Miele@home
    Control panel M Touch
    MotionReact: light comes on when movement is detected
    MotionReact: display comes on when movement is detected
    Height adjustment of infinitely adjustable central spout min in in.(cm) 1 5/8 (4.0)
    Height adjustment of infinitely adjustable central spout max in in.(cm) 6 1/2 (16.5)
    EasyClick milk container
    Hidden door handle
    Brew unit lighting
    Expert mode
    Help function
    No. of bean types 3
    No. of bean containers 3
    Bean container capacity, each in oz (g) 300
    Capacity of bean container B in g 150
    Capacity of bean container C in g 150
    Bean container capacity, total in oz (g) 21.16 (600)
    Removable bean container
    Capacity of water container in fl oz (l) 91.3 (2.7)
    Milk container capacity in l 0.70
    Drip tray capacity in fl oz (l) 54.1 (1.6)
    Easily accessible containers
    Time-of-day display
    Time synchronization
    Date display
    Programmable switch-on time
    Programmable switch-off time
    Programmable stand-by time
    Individual settings
    Adjustable beverage portion size in ml 20-300
    Ristretto, single
    Ristretto, double
    Espresso, single
    Espresso, double
    Coffee, single
    Coffee, double
    Long coffee, single
    Long coffee, double
    Cappuccino, single
    Cappuccino, double
    Latte macchiato, single
    Latte macchiato, double
    Hot milk, single
    Latte macchiato, double
    Milk froth, single
    Milk froth, double
    Espresso macchiato, single
    Espresso macchiato, double
    Cappuccino italiano, single
    Cappuccino italiano, double
    Flat white, single
    Flat white, double
    Café au lait, single
    Café au lait, double
    Caffè latte, single
    Caffè latte, double
    Caffè americano, single
    Caffè Americano, double
    Long black, single
    Long black, double
    Warm water, double
    Hot water, single
    Hot water, double
    Black tea, single
    Black tea, double
    Herbal tea, single
    Herbal tea, double
    Fruit tea, single
    Fruit tea, double
    Green tea, single
    Green tea, double
    White tea, single
    White tea, double
    Japanese tea, single
    Japanese tea, double
    Chai latte, single
    Chai latte, double
    Coffee pot
    Efficiency and sustainability
    Energy-saving Eco mode option
    Power rating in standby mode in W 1.00
    Power rating in networked standby in W 1.40
    Time until automatic switch to off mode in min 20
    Time until automatic switch to standby in min 20
    Time until automatic switch to networked standby in min 20
    Cleaning convenience
    Stainless steel front with Clean Touch Steel surface
    Manual descaling
    Automatic rinsing of the milk pipework from the water container
    Convenient cleaning programs
    Auto-Off function
    Removable milk pipework
    Removable brew unit
    Adjustable water hardness
    System lock
    Technical data
    Niche width min in in.(mm) 28 5/8 (724)
    Niche width max in in.(mm) 28 3/4 (728)
    Niche height min in in.(mm) 18 1/8 (460)
    Niche height max in in.(mm) 18 5/8 (472)
    Niche depth in in.(mm) 24 1/8 (610)
    Appliance width in in.(mm) 29 7/8 (757)
    Applicance height in in.(mm) 18 7/8 (479)
    Appliance depth in in.(mm) 18 7/8 (478)
    Depth with door open in in.(cm) 48 3/4 (123.8)
    Total connected load in kW 1.45
    Voltage in V 120
    Fuse rating in A 15
    Number of phases 1
    Length of electrical wire in ft (m) 6 (2.0)