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Asko DFI664XXL Panel Ready Dishwasher

Asko DFI664XXL Panel Ready Dishwasher

Smart Loading Options With Our Height Adjustable Top Baskets Allows Tall Glasses And Tricky Items... Read more...

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Asko DFI664XXL Panel Ready Dishwasher
Asko DFI664XXL Panel Ready Dishwasher

Time program

When you need clean plates in a hurry, just tell the machine how dirty the dishes are and how much time you have. The program then adjusts washing and rinsing to match your needs.

Self Cleaning

ASKO's dishwashers have a Self-cleaning program to ensure that all vital parts are thoroughly cleaned. Use a recommended cleaning agent and the program on a regular basis for best result.

ECO wash

Use when you want to save water and energy. For normally soiled load, such as plates, serving dishes, cups, glasses and so on.

40 cm plate in low basket

Our XXL dishwashers have room for a 15-3/4" big plate in the lower basket when the middle basket is removed and the upper basket in the upmost position.

Brushless motor

A brushless motor is not only quieter and more reliable. It also consumes less energy. You want your dishwasher to work forever. So do we.

Green mode

The Green mode saves water and energy by lowering the temperature and extending the washing cycle. Still, the result is just as perfect as the Normal program. Let's go greener!

Lower half wash

The Lower half wash program only sprays the bottom half of the machine which means less water and energy is used. An more environmentally friendly way to clean your plates and cutlery.

Auto wash

ASKO's Auto Wash with the SensiClean™ sensor ensures the right temperature, washing cycle and drying regardless of what you have put in the machine. Every time.

Upper half wash

The Upper basket program sprays only the top part of the machine and uses less water and energy than a normal program. Saves both your time and the environment.

Rinse & hold

The Rinse and hold program allows for you to avoid dried leftovers while you wait for the dishwasher to get fully loaded. Saves time and energy over time.

Aqua Level™ Sensor

The Aqua Level™ Sensor ensures an optimized water level, even if a bowl turns over and is filled with water. It also keeps the machine from starting if the water is turned off.

Aqua Detect™ Sensor

The Aqua Detect™ Sensor monitors the inlet valeves and the waer level while the machine operates. For safety reasons, the drain pump's capacity is five times the inlet valve's.

XXL dishwashers

Our XXL dishwashers have an loading height of 22-3/4". Combined with the smart four level rack system the load is 40% more, with countless possibilities to make it all fit in.

Crystal Glass

Wash fragile items made of crystal/glass, such as crystal glass from Orrefors, using the gentle dishwashing program Crystal glass.

LED interior light

The combination of outer and inner LED-lights is designed for best intensity and durability. It gives you a good overview of the door area as well as the inside of the dishwasher.

8 Steel™

The main components of ASKO's dishwashers are manufactured using high-quality steel instead of plastic. We think that quality is paramount, and we think you do the same.

Aqua Safe™ system

Do you hesitate to leave the dishwasher on while you are not at home? Aqua Safe™ system is an advanced safety system which ensures a leak-safe dishwasher day and night.

Telescopic rails

ASKO uses telescopic guide rails with ball bearings to make the racks glide smoothly and quietly. For easy loading and unloading, you can also take out the whole rack.

Top cutlery tray

The top tray for cutlery and kitchen utensils is placed right under the roof of the dishwasher. It has its own dedicated spray arm and is easy to remove for easy loading and unloading. With the Instant Lift™ function you can easily adjust the height of the top cutlery tray.

Status Light™

ASKO's new generation dishwashers have Status Light™ -a small light placed in the bottom right corner to let you know the actual status of the program.

Speed mode

When you need to get things cleaned in a hurry, the Speed mode is useful. It saves up to 50% of the normal time, by using more water and increased heating.

Night Mode

Night mode reduces the noise with 2 dB thanks to lower pressure in the spray arm. Perfect at night or in a house with an open plan living area.

Intensive Mode

When food has dried on to the dishes or pans the Intensive mode, with increased pressure in the spray arm, more water and higher temperature, gets your dishes clean again.

Plastic wash

The Plastic program washes and dries your plastic kitchen ware perfectly. And, if there's room left you can of course wash the ordinary porcelain and glass at the same time.

Turbo Drying™

The Turbo Drying™ system mixes dry air from outside the machine with the moist air inside. This feature also is available for fully integrated machines. We promise, you'll be a great fan.

Power Zone Cutlery™

Power Zone Cutlery™ is a special nozzle spray zone for the cutlery basket that will make your cutlery dazzling clean. And, there is a similar nozzle for the knife basket.

Kid Safe™

To stop small fingers from starting the dishwasher the Kid Safe™ makes the control panel easy to lock. This also prevents altering any settings by mistake.

Anti siphon

For our fully integrated dishwashers, the Anti-siphon solution safely keeps the water inside the machine. This is especially important if the dishwasher is placed above floor level.

Jet Spray™

Our JetSpray™ nozzle for tall, narrow objects like baby bottles, vases and bottles is combined with a special holder that makes sure that the cleaning result is perfect.

Wide Spray™

WideSpray™ which creates a high-pressure jet spray in combination with a wide spraying nozzle. The pots and pans becomes clean and you get time to widen your scope.

3 Level basket

ASKO's three level rack system allows you to optimize the load. Remove, adjust, fold and move the racks, tines and cutlery basket to meet your every need.

3 - Spray arms

The 3 spray-arm technique reaches every corner and with up to 10 highly effective spray zones, no dirt can escape. Not even your lasagne baking dish.

16 - Loading capacity

The world's biggest load capacity. The latest addition to our basket system is a flexible top cutlery tray with its own spray arm and space for sixteen sets of cutlery, small bowls, or other utensils that can be difficult to load. The width of the top cutlery tray has been optimized to make room for tall glasses in the upper basket and, if more space is needed simply take the top cutlery tray out.

Knife holders

Knives are sensitive things, so too are fingers. That is why we have done everything possible to protect both as best we can. Our knife holder is extra deep so that the blades remain steady throughout the wash cycle. There are knife holders on three levels: in the middle basket, in the upper basket and in the top basket. We guarantee a clean cut.

Multi position glass rack

The Multi position glass rack is a very practical rack that can be mounted in three different positions - all depending on your needs.

Instant Lift™

Our InstantLift™ height adjustment system, allows for freeing up between 40 and 58 mm in the upper basket,. A simple and flexible way to make room for it all.

20 years

Today, sustainability and responsibility go hand in hand. So when we design our products, it is our responsibility to not only make products that last, but which also make things better - for our customers and for the planet. Designed to make a difference. And built to be enjoyed for the next 20 years.

Smart Loading Options With Our Height Adjustable Top Baskets Allows Tall Glasses And Tricky Items To Easily Fit. Together With A Lower Energy Consumption And The Benefit Of Our Smart Run Modes Will This Dishwasher Make Your Daily Life A Little Bit Easier. Construction Welded Stainless Steel Container Exterior Float
Detects Water Leakage On The Base
Stand By Water Protection
Anti-Block Drain Pump
8 Steel Construction
Hidden Heater
Scs+ - Super Cleaning System+
Number Of Spray Arms: 3
Number Of Spray Zones: 9
Cutlery Power Zone - Extra Dishwashing Power For The Cutlery Basket Use And Flexibility 16 Place Settings
Number Of Baskets: 3
Top Tray: Easy Height Adjustment
Divisible And Removable Baskets In Top Rack;
With Rack For Knives And Utensils;
With Rack For Bowls And Cups;
With Telescopic Rails
Handle Upper Basket Type: Premium Height Adjustable Top Basket
Guide Rails With Ball Bearings For Upper Basket
Lower Basket Type: Premium Tight Mesh Base In The Baskets Removable Cutlery
Basket For Easy Unloading
2 Interior Led Lights
Required Inlet Water Pressure: 0,03-1 Mpa Interaction & Control Display Type: Lcd Display
Memory Program
Number Of Programs: 11
Number Of Options: 8
Delayed Start: 1-24 Hours
2 Interior Led Lights
Time Remaining Indicator: Yes
Cycle End Indication: Displayed With Sound And Light Programs 11 Programs:
Normal Wash;
Eco Wash;
Hygiene Wash;
Time Program;
Plastic Wash;
Rinse And Hold;
Sanitation Wash;
Upper Half;
Lower Half;
Crystal Glass;
Start Delay Up To 24 Hours
All In 1
Tablet Function
Normal Mode
Time Set
Green Mode
Speed Mode
Night Mode
Intensive Mode
Extra Dry
High Temperature Design & Integration From Front Adjustable Door Spring From Front Adjustable Rear Foot Velcro Strips Trim Kit Multi Fit Outlet Hose Simplified Installation With Integrated Anti-Siphon Depth (Incl. Wall Spacing): 22 1/16" (560 Mm) Height Setting: 1 15/16" (50 Mm) Possible Adjustment Of Kick Plate: 30-94/0 Safety & Maintenance Aqua Safe Kid Safe - Lockable Controls Rinse-Aid Indication: Notification In Display Dimensions & Capacity Width: 23 7/16"
Height: 33 13/16"
Depth: 22 5/8"

    Drying method : Turbo Drying
    Product line : Style
    Mode of installation : Fully Integrated
    Size : XXL
    Number of baskets : 3
    Number of place settings : 16 place settings
    Top tray : Easy height adjustment; Divisible and removable baskets in top rack; With rack for knives and utensils; With rack for bowls and cups; With telescopic rails; Handle
    Upper basket type : Premium
    Lower basket type : Premium
    Cutlery basket : Removable cutlery basket for easy unloading
    Colour : Silver
    Technical data
    Max. temperature of inflow water : 140 F
    Noise level : 42 dB(A)
    Reference program : 1
    Estimated annual energy consumption : 235 kWh
    Energy consumption/cycle : 1 kWh
    Estimated annual water consumption : 687 US Gal
    Water consumption/cycle : 3 US Gal
    Consumption in off mode : 0.49 W
    Consumption in standby mode : 0.49 W
    Connection rating : 1300 W
    Voltage (V) : 120 V
    Number of phases : 1
    Current : 15 A
    Frequency : 60 Hz
    Required inlet water pressure : 0,03-1 MPa
    Net weight : 106 lbs
    Width : 24' (609 mm)
    Height : 33 13/16' (859 mm)
    Depth : 22' (559 mm)
    Maximum product height : 35 13/16' (909 mm)
    Cord length : 47 1/4' (1200 mm)
    Depth with door open : 48 3/4' (1238 mm)
    Length of inflow hose : 64 3/16' (1630 mm)
    Length of outflow hose : 90 9/16' (2300 mm)
    Logistic information
    Packaging width : 25 3/16' (640 mm)
    Packaging height : 36 5/8' (930 mm)
    Packaging depth : 26 3/4' (680 mm)
    Total weight of packaged product : 114 lbs
    Code : 734089
    EAN code : 3838782328565