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Alfresco Appliances

Alfresco's Outdoor Grills and Restaurant Equipment


Alfresco is specialized in manufacturing appliances for outdoors. Additionally, a large part of their production is focused on commercial restaurant equipment as well as cooking equipment and accessories for the home kitchen. Alfresco offers various-sized stainless steel grills with high-tech ceramic infrared burners, drawers for wood chunks, and halogen lights. Alfresco, also offers their exclusive drop-in grill accessories such as steamers/fryers, commercial griddles, and roasting pods, and some high-quality outdoor refrigerators.
Also, they carry a full line of restaurant equipment and accessories such as doors, drawers, sealed pantries, planting and garnish centers, along with the specialty cooking equipment containing pizza ovens, Versa Power cooking systems, and side burners.
Alfresco's high-quality equipment makes them a choice of the most popular restaurant franchises. Shop Town Appliance to find Alfresco's top-quality equipment for your restaurant or home.