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Signs Your Kitchen Cooktop Needs Maintenance

Signs Your Kitchen Cooktop Needs Maintenance

There’s a variety of kitchen cooktops, from gas and electric to induction types. Kitchen cooktops should sustain a household for many years, but any appliance in regular use requires upkeep. Since this type of appliance doesn’t require frequent updating, it’s easy to overlook the signs your kitchen cooktop needs maintenance.

The signs that show your kitchen cooktop requires updating can be less obvious than other appliance issues. Fortunately, the comprehensive guide below can help provide some insight into what maintenance indicators to look for in your kitchen cooktop. Read on to learn about the signs your kitchen cooktop needs maintenance, what these signs mean for your kitchen, and why it's vital to address them.

Rust Development

If rust forms on the surface of your kitchen cooktop, it’s likely from repeated spills and other residue causing the surface to corrode. It’s important to address a rusted cooktop because it promotes the growth of bacteria and makes for an unsanitary environment when handling food in the kitchen.

Power Issues

When you turn on your kitchen cooktop and one of the burners does not power on, there’s typically an internal issue that you need to address. The type of issue and maintenance required depends on the type of kitchen cooktop you have.

For example, if you have a gas stove, it might be time to replace the ignitor. If you have an electric stove, it might have a heating element issue.

Clicking Noises

A common sign your gas cooktop requires maintenance is the occurrence of clicking noises. There’s more than one reason for these noises to occur. The first reason for a clicking noise can be that the burner cap is out of alignment. This issue is easy to fix by removing the burner grate after it cools and re-centering the cap below it.

The second reason for a clicking noise can be that the cooktop has accumulated food particles from using it and is dirtying the burner head. Other reasons for a clicking noise in a gas cooktop include errors in the spark ignition switch, spark module, or spark electrode that ignite the gas for your kitchen cooktop.

Cracked Surfaces

If you have a glass kitchen cooktop, there’s potential for an issue to arise. A glass cooktop has the risk of forming cracks in its surface over time. The two main culprits that lead to cracking are impacts and high temperatures.

When large pots and pans move against the surface of your kitchen cooktop, they cause micro-scratches to accumulate that weaken the durability of your cooktop until it cracks. Cracks also occur when extreme temperatures create stress on the surface. A similar effect happens when materials like enameled cookware or plastic utensils melt onto the surface.

If you see cracks in the surface of your kitchen cooktop, you must repair them before using it again. The sign of cracking in your kitchen cooktop can lead to electrical shock and further damage to your appliance. Even minor cracks have the power to increase the risk of electrocution.

Constant Gas Smell

Detecting the smell of gas should always be a cause for concern in your home. When you ignite your gas stove as you turn it on, it’s normal to smell gas coming from the range momentarily in the beginning. If your kitchen cooktop emits a consistent gas smell, especially when you’re not using it, you should contact a stove repair technician.

A natural gas leak increases the risk of fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Fortunately, it’s often a fixable matter of maintenance to resolve the issue. When you detect gas fumes, it’s best to open the windows and doors to ventilate your home until your repair service technician arrives.

Food Cooks Unevenly

Malfunctioning kitchen cooktops can easily compromise the quality of the food you’re preparing. When food cooks unevenly, it has a compromised taste and texture. For instance, it can burn the bottom of a dish while leaving the top raw. Unevenly cooked food also raises a health risk in your home by leading to foodborne illnesses that come from undercooked meats and other raw ingredients.

It’s likely that you’ll see an issue in the outcome of your cooking when your kitchen cooktop requires maintenance. If you’re preparing food like normal and see that it cooks unevenly, you may have a faulty baking element or sensor that requires attention.

Smell or Sight of Smoke

Smoke emitting from your kitchen cooktop can occur for multiple reasons. It can indicate the burner has residual food or grease that requires cleaning. Smoke emissions can also reveal faulty heating elements that need internal repairs. If the smoke comes from dirty burners, you may be in luck. Cleaning them is an easy fix. However, if the burners are clean and there’s smoke emission, you may be dealing with faulty burners that require an electrical repair.

You should always immediately address the smell or sight of smoke by identifying its source. If you see or smell smoke coming out of your kitchen cooktop, you should promptly power off the appliance and contact a repair technician for support.

Kitchen Cooktop Maintenance

The appliances in your kitchen are the heart of your day-to-day living, and it’s best to avoid spending that time and money investing in a new cooktop. The most effective way to ensure your cooktops retain their functionality is to create a preventative maintenance plan. Such a procedure is critical for preserving the safe operation of your appliances. Practicing routine maintenance also helps you avoid expensive repairs or replacing kitchen cooktops.

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Signs Your Kitchen Cooktop Needs Maintenance