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A stroke of inspiration that became a love affair. In 1952, the Contini brothers had a little workshop on the banks of the Po River, in Gualtieri. Barely twenty years old, they had a passionate vision: the Mobilfornello, an unconventional device that brought together a cooktop and a propane tank compartment into one body.

The Mobilfornello set a new standard and launched the rise of Tecnogas. It was a simple and brilliant idea, a functional product with a decorative, iconic shape, the perfect example of form and function harmoniously expressed in one distinctive appliance.

Tecnogas has a history made of ideas, and today, like 60 years ago, it draws its lifeblood from the beauty of its places of art. Its technological passion is driven by the talent of master engineers and the artistic care of the hands of experts.

Exceptional cooking appliances with different styles, united by a firm identity of strength and elegance.