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0.9 cu.ft. 900w Convection Grill Specialty Microwave Oven



Configuration:: Countertop
Type:: Convection
Capacity (cu. ft.):: 0.9
Microwave Output Power Watts:: 900
Heater Output Power (Watts):: 1500
Carousel Diameter (inches):: 12-3/4
Display:: 12 digit/2 color
Custom Help:: Yes

Pre-programmed Settings.
Popcorn Key:: Yes
Reheating Options:: Yes
Defrosting Options:: CompuDefrost
Cooking Options:: 35 incl CompuPizza

Other Conveniences.
Hot Water:: BeverageCenter
KeepWarmPlus:: Yes
Clock:: Yes
Minute Timer:: Yes
Minute Plus(TM) Key:: Yes
Power Levels:: 11
Programmable Stages:: 4
Safety Lock:: Yes
Demonstration Mode:: Yes
Audible Signal Elimination:: Yes

Additional Specifications.
AC Power Required (Amps):: 13
Built-in Kit Available (Optional):: No
Color:: Smooth Black
Limited Warranty:: 1 year Parts/Labor. 4 Additional years for Magnetron tube, part only

Cavity Dimensions (inches).
Depth:: 14 1/2
Height:: 7 1/2
Width:: 13 7/8

Outside Dimensions (inches).
Depth:: 19 3/4
Height:: 12 1/8
Width:: 20 1/2

Weight & Dimensions.
Weight (lbs):: 44
Approx Ship Weight (lbs):: 49

SHARP R820BK Description

Product Details

Now for the first time, enhanced browning and crisping are possible in a convection microwave oven. That's because only the Grill 2 Convection has "double" grills which emit radiant heat both over and under food.

Also available in White: R-820BW.

  • 2-Line, 12-Digit Interactive Display
  • provides easy programming steps, cooking hints, and special options.
  • Custom Help ®
  • easily program options such as Child Lock, Auto Start and Language/Weight options.
  • CompuBake ®
  • automatically creates golden french fries, crispy biscuits, chewy brownies and tasty snacks.
  • CompuPizza ®
  • automatically bakes, browns and crisps frozen refrigerator or microwave pizza without preheating.
  • CompuGrill ®
  • automatically grills steaks, burgers, fish and poultry without drying them.
  • CompuRoast ®
  • automatically roasts eye of round, chicken, turkey, and pork loin to perfection.
  • CompuCook
  • preset times and power levels for microwave food favorites.
  • CompuDefrost
  • automatically defrosts meat, poultry and casseroles quickly and evenly.
  • Timed Reheat
  • perfect reheating every time, no cold spots.

SHARP R820BK Specifications

Configuration: Countertop
Type: Convection
Capacity (cu. ft.): 0.9
Microwave Output Power Watts: 900
Heater Output Power (Watts): 1500
Carousel Diameter (inches): 12-3/4
Display: 12 digit/2 color
Custom Help: Yes
Pre-programmed Settings
Popcorn Key: Yes
Reheating Options: Yes
Defrosting Options: CompuDefrost
Cooking Options: 35 incl CompuPizza
Other Conveniences
Hot Water: BeverageCenter
KeepWarmPlus: Yes
Clock: Yes
Minute Timer: Yes
Minute Plus™ Key: Yes
Power Levels: 11
Programmable Stages: 4
Safety Lock: Yes
Demonstration Mode: Yes
Audible Signal Elimination: Yes
Additional Specifications
AC Power Required (Amps): 13
Built-in Kit Available (Optional): No
Color: Smooth Black
Limited Warranty: 1 year Parts/Labor. 4 Additional years for Magnetron tube, part only
Cavity Dimensions (inches)
Depth: 14 1/2
Height: 7 1/2
Width: 13 7/8
Outside Dimensions (inches)
Depth: 19 3/4
Height: 12 1/8
Width: 20 1/2
Weight & Dimensions
Weight (lbs): 44
Approx Ship Weight (lbs): 49
  • 0.9 cu. ft. Convection Microwave bakes, roasts, grills
  • 12-3/4" Carousel ® turntable holds most 9" x 13" dishes
  • Easy-to-use 12-digit 2-color display
  • 35 cooking options, plus CompuDefrost
  • Stainless Steel Rack
  • 20-1/2" W x 12-1/8" H x 19-3/4" D
  • Black exterior, Stainless Steel interior