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CS1000 Series Combisets Model: CS1221I Induction Combiset™

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Fuel type.
Fuel type: Induction

Construction type.
CombiSet element: Inclined control panel Perfect looks: The ergonomically arranged control panel simplifies operation.

Print design: LightPrint
All-round stainless steel frame:

Ring details.
No. of rings: 1

Position: Centred
Type: Variable cooking zone
Diameter in mm: 180-300
Power rating in W: 2400
Booster in W: 3000
TwinBooster in W: 3700

Control panel.
Operation via knobs: Front knob controls Easy controls to regulate: Convenient power level control via plastic or metal knobs.

Appliance networking.
Miele@home: No

Cleaning convenience.
Easy to clean ceramic surface: Easy to clean ceramic glass Hobs with ceramic glass are very easy to clean. Soiling can be removed easily and quickly.

Safety cut-out: Safety turn off Clever: If a cooking zone operates at the same power level for an unusually long time, switch-off is automatic.
Integrated cooling blower: Integrated cooling fan Miele quality ensures continual top performance for up to 20 years. For example thanks to the appliance's two-level cooling system. Fans draw in air and direct its flow specifically over important components and the electronic parts. The air is then blown out through the vents.
Overheating protection: Overheating protection and fault monitoring Protects the Cooktop: The cooktop automatically switches off in the case of extreme heat.
Residual heat indicator: Residual heat indicator Practical: the residual heat indicator reminds you not to touch the cooking zones when they are still hot.

Technical data.
Dimensions (width) in in.(mm): 15 (380)
Dimensions (depth) in in.(mm): 20 1/2 (520)
Built-in height with mains connection box in in.(mm): 2 7/8 (73)
Cutout dimensions (width) in in.(mm): 14 3/8 (364)
Cutout dimensions (depth) in in.(mm): 19 3/4 (500)
Total connected load in kW: 3.7
Weight in lbs. (kg): 19 (9)
Fuse rating in A: 16
Number of phases: 3
Wire length in ft (m): 6 (2.0)

MIELE CS1221I Description

Product Details
CS1000 Series Combisets Model: CS1221I Induction Combiset™

MIELE CS1221I Specifications

  • Stainless steel control knob
  • Solid stainless steel frame on all four sides
  • Indicator module with 'In operation' and residual heat indicators
  • One large ring: 7" - 11 3/4"
  • Induction technology offers rapid heat-up times
  • Premium quality glass ceramic design for sleek design and durability
  • Residual heat indicator for each ring
  • Booster indicator
  • Power boost for maximum of 10 minutes
  • Integrated cooling fan protects internal components
  • Flexible range of applications using different pan sizes
  • Ample space for large pots and pans
  • 12 power settings: - Settings 1-9 - Twin Booster function - "Keep Warm" function